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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 9, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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report. >> reporter: i'm monty francis live in concord. 150 teachers could lose their jobs. i'll tell you when a decision could be final. >> a gay pride celebration might not happen this year. we'll tell you why and how you can help out. >> right now a live look outside, the lights at the pavilion. i think the sharks are so hot these days. it's wednesday, march 9, "today in the bay." good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm brent cannon. it is straight up 5:00 and we want to get you started checking out today's forecast with christina because it is looking like a really nice day on tap. >> it really, really is. it's a great day if you want to air out your house later on you can open up the windows. this morning it's a little on
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the chilly side but mild compared to where we usually see temperatures at this time of the morning. we're in the upper 40s and low 50s. 51 degrees in oakland, 48 in santa rosa. throughout this afternoon we are talking about the 70s, and you'll want to enjoy today because there's rain on the way as we head into tomorrow. we'll talk all about what you can expect in the weather department this week coming up. let's get you to work on time now. maybe you have to work at 5:00 a.m. >> good morning. we were talking i love the 70s. we're looking at the maze, traffic is moving smoothly down the east shore freeway. 18 minutes off of the carquinez bridge. dry roads, great stuff so far. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, shows you light volume. my friends at nasa can see the toll plaza. there are a few closed. they should be opening right now. further south shows you the san mateo bridge. a clear view so good stuff all around the bay.
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>> thanks, mike. today marks a grim anniversary in the peninsula this morning in the san bruno explosion. we're getting more details about some of the charges that could be filed. a look at what's going on today. >> reporter: good morning, brent. it's sad to think that on the morning of september 9th this neighborhood was complete. you'll recall that the blast didn't happen until the evening of september 9, that was at 6:11 p.m. let's give you an idea what if the neighborhood looks like this morning. here there are homes that are of course intact. but the road is still barricaded off this morning. it's the hillside where the 38 homes that were destroyed once stood. this morning it is an empty lot. it does not look like construction has started. the latest development that we are here to tell that you the san mateo county d.a.'s office is looking at filing potentially filing civil and criminal
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charges against pg&e. that is the latest this morning. the office says it is specifically focusing on a seismic upgrade project in the early 90s. pg&e upgraded pipelines in san bruno but stopped a few blocks short of replacing the section of pipeline that exploded last september. another new development, federal documents that show pipeline operators knew a shoddy repair job in the milpitas section was causing gas pressure readings to fluctuate uncontrollably on the peninsula. transcripts show what one operator said only minutes before the explosion and i quote, he said, we're screwed, we're screwed. so clearly he knew there was a major problem. on this 6-month anniversary the mayor of san bruno does not want people to forget. >> my greatest fear is that the hole gets filled and the street
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gets paved and somebody says didn't you guys have a fire or something in san bruno a few years ago. >> reporter: pg&e is also up against march 15th deadline to produce the proper records which prove its gas transmission lines are indeed safe. if it doesn't, the california public utilities commission is threatening to levee fines and sanctions against the company. this means pg&e has until next tuesday to complete sifting through more than a million documents. it says it has workers working around the clock, 24/7 trying to meet this deadline. live in san bruno, marla tellez. >> officers are off the hook for shooting and killing an unarmed barber. prosecutors say the shooting was justified because the officers thought the man was reaching for a gun. county prosecutors say 37-year-old derek jones ignored
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officers' orders to show his hands. the officers will not face criminal charges for shooting jones. jones' mother is filing a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the city. >> a peninsula teacher who allegedly knocked over a desk and swore in class may be punished today by the district. the redwood city school board will hold a closed door meeting. last week a 13-year-old student at selby lane school called 911 from the school bathroom to report the teacher. >> i'm calling because my teacher, he's throwing things, he knocked over a table and he's screaming at us like he's going crazy. >> the teacher told police he shook a desk to get attention. the student had reportedly fallen asleep. police say the teacher raised his voice and used profanity. >> this morning south bay lawmakers are pushing to hold parents responsible for letting underage kids drink in their
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homes. nancy pyle will call for a social host law. the law would punish parents who let their underage kids host drinking parties. the meeting is tonight at 6:30. >> newly released video could be the the key to catching the man involved in a triple homicide at a nightclub. it was taken at the mexicalo club in january. it shows a man trying to drag the owner to an awaiting suv. police say that the club owner was targeted over a drug debt. he briefly escaped but then was shot by the mystery man in the parking lot. the owner survived and the suspect got away. however, three other men were killed during the attempted kidnapping. >> this morning teachers and employees in the mt. diablo district face layoff notices as the district comes up with a plan to deal with a deficit. monty francis is live in concord with more. good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, laura. a total of 180 district employees are getting pink slips that includes 150 teachers. we're live at the head quarters where the layoff notices could go out as early as next week. this morning the future is uncertain for 33 music teachers, 28 high school teachers, 27 elementary teachers and 20 librarians. the school board authorized the layoffs although the job losses are tentative at this point and won't be final until the budget is passed. that's expected in june. the cuts would rid the music programs, the district is faced with declining enrollment and $28 million shortfall. >> we know that music increases test scores, it allows students socializing and expression. >> reporter: depending on what happens with the governor's budget in june and a ballot measure to extend taxes the
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district is considering shortening the school year and starting the the academic year in october and the district has decided to close two schools here in concord in order to deal with this budget shortfall. live in concord, monty francis, "today in the bay." >> with one part of the annual gay pride celebration is in jeopardy. unless it comes up with $30,000. that's how much is needed to keep the lesbian march and rally going. the committee members are facing a decrease in grant funding and increase in costs. the group is thinking about getting rid of the rally at the park or asking paradegoer to donate $2 each. >> today the final chance to express opinions in the debate over dog walking rules. the agency wants to ban dogs from some parks and require them to be on leashes in others. opponents say it's going to keep
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their dogs from getting the exercise they need. the meeting is in pacifica from 4:00 this afternoon till 8:00 this evening and something a lot of people are talking about. >> exactly. rain or shine our dog always wants to go for a walk. i think we'll have a lot of shine today. >> yeah. i think you'll see a lot of people this afternoon out on the streets doing just that, walking the dog. this morning we're looking pretty good, if you want to walk the dog you won't have rain falling on you. we have high pressure firmly in control of our weather pattern. that's the case for today. and then the ridge heads to the east. as we have a big system of low pressure that is mostly going to impact the pacific northwest but drag a cold front through tomorrow night and that means the showers will be back so today best day of the week. that's what i'm calling it. we have a little fog this morning. that's starting to become more after factor but not that bad. visibility everywhere. above three miles now. we'll let you know if that does become a problem hampering your
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commute, coming up mike inouye and i always track what's happening in the weather and the traffic. 47 in napa, 51 in oakland later on today, look where we're headed, 70 degrees in los gatos, for san jose, 70, and for those waking up in the city by the bay, san francisco, 67 degrees today. as promised here is your latest commute. here's mike inouye. >> good morning. like you said the fog not a big deal. mostly clouds but we'll watch as things develop and heat up. things heat up in antioch. 63 over 530 things change until 540. the 63 will be different. about 30 as you come through antioch. livermore no problems out of the altamont pass. that's the best all morning. 580 smooth over to 880 including the castro valley y, the commute starting to pick up. northbound taillights no problems past high street. map shows construction, all of
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those zones on 92 and 880 should be picking up. no major delays and smooth across the san mateo bridge. the south bay you see green all over. now show you blue sensors. the northbound commutes close to the limit all over the south bay. >> it is early. 5:11. a ecofriendly way to do laundry. what you need to know before the opening bell in new york. >> and why the newest census numbers are a wig disappointment to the mayor of one city in the bay area. >> plus, a daring theft that cost ones bay area celebrity his pricey sports car. >> a live look outside, looks like the visibility is pretty good. we've seen murky days but we're intoresuns f sunshine. we'll keep you posted all day.
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welcome to your wednesday morning. a live look outside. this is a look at 880 in oakland. traffic appears to be moving pretty smoothly. we'll check the morning commute across the bay area with mike. >> and new census numbers for the bay area are now out and they show that we're growing but at a snail's pace. the bay area added nearly 370,000 people over the last decade but that is the slowest growth since the 1930s. the slowest growth was in san jose, it was missing the 1 million mark. contra costa county had the biggest growth. san mateo county grew the least. santa clara, san francisco and alameda counties were in between. >> it's 5:14. toyota has a grand turn around
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plan hoping to be the first auto make tear sell 10 million cars a year. though it does admit rapid expansion is partly to blame for a lot of its recall problems. for more news let's turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. futures are slightly higher though investors are jittery amid the turmoil in the middle east. the major indices closed higher after opec said it's considering raising output to tamp down prices. crude oil is below $105 a barrel just further easing away from the 2.5-year high on monday. the spike in oil prices helping push stocks higher in asia, well it's day two of the trial of hedge fund founder. jury selection began yesterday and is expected to continue today in the trial of the one-time billionaire. he is the key figure in the
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biggest insider trading case in u.s. history. once the panel is in place opening statements will begin. the trial is expected to last up to two months. prosecutors claim that he made $45 million from confidential information from hedge fund traders and former friends and associates. he could face up to 20 years in prison. he denies wrong doing. >> consumers may see liquid laundry detergent not 18 plastic bottle but a card board container. on friday, plans to roll out a laundry detergent bottle made from 100% recycled card board and newspaper. seventh generation is riding that wave of ecoconsumerism as more prefer to buy these ecofriendly products. a study by car baun projects says about half of consumers prefer to buy from companies that do measures like this to help protect the environment. good.
5:17 am
you can feel good while you do your laundry. >> i'm a huge recycler. >> i feel guilty if i don't have a recycling bin. >> even starting to compost. >> it's crazy at our house. south bay lawmakers consider capping the number of pot dispensaries sprouting up all over san jose. they want to limit the number of permitted clinics and set up an application process for the clinics to get the permits. it would shut down all medical marijuana dispensaries beyond the cap. there are more than 100 in san jose. if the proposal is approved, then that number would shrink to 10. >> it is 5:17 right now. we're going to check the forecast. i think a nice day ahead. >> yeah, we're giving today a 10. this afternoon in particular for this time of year, you got to take everything into consideration, but 70 degrees, not too bad. high pressure in control for now. and the reason why it's really going to be a nice day is because we have a rainy pattern
5:18 am
setting up. as of this weekend the rain is back and looks like it's going to stay with us for some time. a few dry days. next week looks rainy. every model is bringing that pineapple express into the bay area. each and every day next week. you've got rain chances. high pressure, though, will leave us with a beautiful day today. you can see the clouds are arcing up and around the big ridge of high pressure which is going to bring our numbers into the 70s. we do have a little cloud cover coming into the bay area this morning. that's preventing significant fog formation. you will find a little bit of it out there. it's becoming more problematic right now but not that bad. visibilities pretty much above three miles where you're headed. temperatures this morning are mild. we're at 51 degrees in sunnyvale, turning over to about 70 degrees today in places like los gatos, san jose, going 67 in san francisco. and 70 degrees in the east bay. waking up in livermore, looking to a day of 70s, it's going to be nice and comfortable.
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as we head through the next few days, the rain comes back into the mix tomorrow. it's going to linger for friday morning, don't forget, friday evening, you can catch that giants game here. laura and myself pretty darned excited to see those guys back in action. >> can't wait, can we. fear the beard. if you see a bright yellow lamborghini take down the license plate number. a cunning thief stole one. a lamborghini -- i don't have one. it's a lamborghini. >> this is a building. >> reportedly owned by minute to win it host guy ferrari, they nabbed it from the building. the thief rappelled into the showroom from the roof and cut the lock on the garage door. he then drove off with the car. worth $200,000. >> that's kind of a hard thing to hide. >> a hard thing to do.
5:20 am
>> yeah. it is. i guess the keys were in there and he had to get out through a door but it's a roll-up. so the guy knew what he was doing. >> 5:19. dragracing the safe way what infinity raceway is providing. >> is it fer rary's lamb ber geenly? a new ipad app to deliver the naus the way you want. >> an easy commute through the caldecott tunnel. i'll give you slow spots andpec. my second diagnosis-- i was told to go home, retire, and enjoy the time i had left.
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from air wick; powered by 100% natural propellants for a cleaner fragrance experience. come see how refreshing, a fresh scent can be. welcome to your wednesday morning. a live look outside, the beautiful bay bridge. we'll check the commute coming up. >> bay area tradition returns today that lets commuters face
5:23 am
off against each other and the law. today kicks off the 23rd annual wednesday night drags. it's held at the infinnian raceway where drivers get a drag race in a safe enfirnment. relatively safe. dragracing is crazy anyway. starting in april high school students can race against bay area police officers as well so they get good crowds out there. >> don't they do that already? >> in a safe environment. the program runs until 23406. it is a good way if you want to race this is the way. >> definitely not on the morning commute. in some spots you don't get a chance. >> no. you know what my dad did race on the peninsula part of the rev masters, all legal. a race with the pay per play deal. this is the north bay. highway 37, off 101 past where some of the racing is this morning. a smooth drive. rotate the maps to the east bay, let's see what the speeds are
5:24 am
like approaching the bay bring. smooth down the east shore freeway. 50s at the transition. no other problems for the freeways through the maze. carquinez and benicia bridges, a smooth drive. and we'll show that smooth drive over the morning, east we'll see it slow down in five or ten minutes. oak lands, 880, past the coliseum, northbound with the headlights. the volume starting to pick up. no major slowing for the nimitz. 101 from the san mateo bridge, up in the city without issues, southbound side moving nicely. and san mateo bridge connecting both sides of the bay south into the bay bridge, a clear flow of traffic. fog not an issue. humidity in the air. >> thank you very much. 5:24. new video this morning of the 7.2 quake in northern japan. you can actually see security cameras shaking as the quake struck. despite the size there was no
5:25 am
significant damage or injuries. the quake caused a small tsunami about two feet high. japan has experienced a number of aftershock this is morning, the largest 5.3. >> cleanup crews are working on a stinky mess in the southern california marina. about a million sardines, you see that, all of that white, that is dead fish. they turned up overnight creating a feast for the gulls but a mess for the harbor. the fish depleted the water of oxygen and suffocated. millions of them lost in the marina. there was so many of them theyused up all of the oxygen. $100,000 to clean up the mess. look at those fish. >> too bad they can't fry them up, the beginning of lent. scott says lots of people on the nerd bird. >> the nickname for flights san jose to austin. south bay southwest which is
5:26 am
sxsw, that's hard to say, they expanded to the interactive, the websites and what not. that part gets under way the end of this week. that's where a lot of silicon valley start-ups show the world. single biggest refuse knew event for austin, more than 1 hundred million. united is changing plans, it's not going to expand its fleet or flights because of high fuel prices. in fact, it may make further cuts though it's vague about what those may be. united is one of the largest single employers in san mateo county. >> here is a new start-up, it's zite, a new ipad app available today. it tries to figure out what news you find interesting and then gets that news and then presents it in a magazine format. if the you are familiar at all with flip board, if you're not you should be, it's somewhat
5:27 am
similar but available in the app store as of today. >> we have a similar thing called today in the bay. >> thanks, scott. >> convicted child molester is on the loose in the east bay. who police are looking for this morning. >> reporter: and on this grim 6-month anniversary of the pg&e pipeline explosion in san bruno, the company now learns it could face criminal charges. good morning. i'm marla tellez, i'll explain coming up. >> and police in one city looking for the person who is trying toogs poison dog at a ba area dog park. we're getting the day started with athenos greek yogurt. later we're gonna ride bikes and go to the -- [ male announcer ] wonderful! let's see what yiayia thinks. are you two married? um, no. but you living together, ah? yeah. you are going to hell.
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[ male announcer ] don't worry, kids. at least yiayia approves of you eating athenos greek yogurt. mmmmmm! because athenos is made the traditional greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia.
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[ female announcer ] the counter. in most homes, it gets all the action. bring it. getting it clean again is easy with bounty. in this lab test, one sheet of bounty leaves this surface cleaner than 3 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ why use more when you can use less? ♪ super durable, super absorbent, super clean. bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper. new this morning the ballots are counted. we have the results of the special election coming up. >> reporter: i'm monty francis
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live in concord where more painful cuts are made to deal with budget problems. i'll tell you why 150 teachers could lose their jobs. >> muni drivers suing over a measure backed by voters. we'll tell you why coming up. >> a live look outside this morning. the south bay looks like a pretty nice day on tap. it is wednesday, march 9 on today in the bay. >> and good morning. thanks for joining us. 5:30. i'm brent cannon. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. right to the forecast with christina. >> good morning to you. we have a little louk moving in over the bay area. high pressure is in control of our weather pattern and that's going to bring our temperatures from the 50s and upper 40s into the 70s. right now you're at 51 in oakland, 50 in san francisco, you might want to grab a sweater or jacket. something you can take off later
5:31 am
because we're going to see a beautiful day all across the bay area. let's get to you work on time now with mike inouye. hey, mike. >> good morning. right on time we have this slowdown, the 54, the ging of the slow drive for highway 4. the commute for the east bay not reaching the altamont pass. slowing right now, 680 also reporting a clear drive. we got an accident at mission road. i'll let you know how that affects as well. the maze, the feeder roads to bay bridge close to the limit. you get close to the toll plaza. the volume starting to increase the number of headlights. back to you guys. >> thank you. this morning layoff notices are looming for teachers and other employees of the mt. diablo school district. it's the latest move as the district struggles to trim its budget deficit. monty francis is following the story from district headquarters. he joins us with an update. good morning. >> reporter: we are live at the
5:32 am
district head quarters where the layoff notices could go out as early as next weekend. next to the office is monty gardens elementary school. it was on the budget chopping block. it will remain open. two other schools in concord are slated to be shut down. last night board voted to approve the layoffs of 180 employees including 150 teachers. the cuts are tentative and won't be finalized until the state's budget is passed and the deadline is in june. the district is faced with declining enrollment and $28 million budget shortfall. the future is uncertain for 33 music teachers, 28 high school teachers, 27 elementary teachers and 20 librarians. >> i refuse to stand behind the board that treats my children as if they are petty cash. >> reporter: the cuts would also effectively rid all elementary schools in the district of their music programs. board members warned if a
5:33 am
measure doesn't tax in june that more closures and layoffs could be on the way. monty francis, today in the bay. >> looks like the east bay schools will get an infusion of money. preliminary election results in alameda show that voters support higher property taxes to help local schools. the proposal calls for property owners to pay 32 cents more per square foot. that tax will help keep schools open and maintain art, music and other programs. that will start on july 1. >> in santa clara schools will not get the extra funding. voters failed to neat two-thirds necessary to add that. it was supposed to add a $19 tax to homes in the district but only 59% of voters supported the plan. >> pg&e faces a strict deadline to prove that its gas lines are safe. and there are exclusive new
5:34 am
allegations that the utility knew about shoddy repairs. marla tellez is live where six months ago today a neighborhood was destroyed. >> reporter: brent, good morning. 6:11 on the evening of september 9 that much of this neighborhood was wiped out. to set the scene for you, we want you to take a look to show you how selective the blast was. you see a home here that is intact. right next door, the house completely destroyed and the house down from there is damaged. so just amazing on how selective that blast was. the latest legal twist is that san mateo county d.a.'s office may file criminal and/or civil charges against pg&e. the office is looking at seismic upgrade work the company did in the early 90s. pg&e upgraded pipelines in san bruno, 1993-94, but pg&e stopped
5:35 am
a few blocks short of replacing the section that exploded last september. another new development. federal documents that show pipeline operators knew a botched repair job in the milpitas control station was causing pressure readings to fluctuate. in fact, chilling transcripts show what one operator said before the explosion and i quote, he says, we're screwed, we're screwed. he said this just minutes before the blast. one woman who grew up here is using this grim 6-month anniversary to reflect on that fateful day. >> in going to the rec center and trying to find clothes for our parents and all the process and you saw people who went down and cooked for people for four days, brought everything people could need and helped out so much. it reminds you that people care. >> pg&e is also up against a march 15th deadline to produce
5:36 am
the proper records which prove its gas transmission lines are safe. if it doesn't the california public utilities commission is threatening to levy fines and impose sanctions against the company. this means pg&e has until next tuesday, march 15, to finish sifting through more than a million documents. live in san bruno, marla tellez, today in the bay. >> it's 5:36. convicted child mo lester is on the loose. he has not again seen since the first day of his testimony in his trial. that is when betty came face-to-face with one of his victims who fell to the ground sobbing at the sight of him. he wad convicted on friday of molesting two girls as he worked as a counselor in pittsburgh. >> we have a heads up for the next time uan atm. thieves are using adhesives to glue down the main buttons on atms in san francisco.
5:37 am
customers go in to punch in their pin and then realize that the buttons are stuck. so they reportedly leave to go report the problem. that's when the thieves wait till they go inside, come in, remove the glue and take the money. police say to avoid becoming a victim, if the key pad doesn't work you can use the touch screen instead. >> warning for sunnyvale dog owners. someone is trying to kill man's best friend with rat poison. two open boxes of commercial rat poison were found it two locations at the las palmas park in sunnyvale. police say one of the boxes had a note that read, death to all dogs. the news angered many dog owners who bring their dogs to run free. >> man's best friend. so what's there to not like about dogs? that you will put rat poison out to try to harm them. it's like trying to hurt
5:38 am
someone's kid. >> animal control doesn't think any dogs ingested the boy son. a sign has been posted to warn to keep an eye out. >> muni bus drivers are among the highest paid and filing a lawsuit to keep it that way. muni drivers challenge a voter approved measure. it gives muni the ability to negotiate work rules and compensation. it also eliminated a requirement that muni bus drivers and their salaries be the second highest at least in the country. the voter approved law gives muni more leverage when it comes to bargaining with unions. the lawsuit claims that the measure is one-sided and is anti-union. a muni spokesman tells the examiner the agency plans to uphold the will of the voters. >> stanford officials are trying to explain the existence of secret list of classes for athletes. published reports say it was full of classes that would help athletes with grades and
5:39 am
schedule. some say it gives an advantage over the rest of the student population unaware of it. but athletics officials say the classes are not easy and the majority of the athletes excel in the classroom. >> time is coming up on 5:39. we want to check with christina. this may be the nicest day of the year so far. >> could be. we're going to see a nice day in terms of the fact it's still winter. we have a few more weeks of spring. first official day of spring is march 21. we'll see the equinox. we're looking toward pretty good visibility this morning. we do have fog out there. watch for a little bit of fog developing especially near the bay. overall looking pretty good. visibility better than three miles. our temperatures are mild across the board, 46 degrees in san mateo, 50 in oakland and 50 degrees in hayward. and this is the time of year when our temperatures are relatively uniform. come the summertime 60s inland
5:40 am
and 40s toward the coast. enjoy the uniform conditions, especially if you commute from the south bay to the peninsula t the east bay and the peninsula. you know about with the temperature change. throughout the day today, high pressure firmly in control of our weather pattern. it's going to move over us today, creating a warm atmosphere. we're talking with temperatures in the 70s today. a lot of sunshine. then the showers arrive tomorrow as this ridge breaks down. we'll let you know coming up. let's get to you work on time. happy hump day. >> we're looking out here to fremont and the approach out of pleasanton and hayward. at the bottom, there is the accident. chp said it was mission road. it was mission boulevard. it's the on ramp to 680. there is a truck. the trailer and the truck are blocking part of a lane so watch
5:41 am
that. you can use the washington irvington on ramp through the area. if maze, no major issues to the approach and the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> it's 5:40. one bay area city figured out how to save police jobs. we'll show you how. >> drug cases dropped. how allegations of police misconduct are having a kip ripple effect in san francisco.n
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> rage and revolution continues in libya. rebel forces have stalled and the u.s. seems to be moving closer to some kind of military action. tracie, is pressure at the pump pressuring the obama administration to get involved? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. no question, brent. you go down the street and you look at the gas prices, it is clearly pressuring washington to do something about libya.
5:44 am
and today top security officials will meet at the white house, the secretary of state, the national security adviser, the cia, to talk about what their military options are and perhaps most importantly when and how they can exercise them. at the top of that list, a no-fly zone over libya. gadhafi warned against it, but secretary of state hillary clinton said it is something to consider as long as there is backing from the international community. the united nations, nato, the african or european unions, the arab league, they may consider increased surveillance and arms embargo or somehow getting aid into libya, given the violence that's gone on. president obama's been talking with british prime minister david cameron, talked about with a full spectrum of options. after that cameron said it's important to go after gadhafi for brutalizing his own people. back to you, brents. >> thanks a lot, tracie. >> the people have spoken.
5:45 am
bell voters ousted all five of the city council members. more than 95% of voters cast ballots yesterday. replacing all five members with new people. four of the five members are facing corruption charges. they are accused of doling out huge salaries and costing the city millions of dollars. the fifth council member is not facing charges but he did not win re-election. >> the former city manager of bell also facing corruption charges, he will be in court today. attorneys are expected to begin closing arguments in the preliminary hearing for robert rizzo facing more than 50 counts of fraud and accused of bilking bell residents out of more than $5.5 million. a judge will have to decide if rizzo should stand trial. >> more trouble for san francisco police after claims of misconduct lead to dropped cases. prosecutors have dropped 13 cases involving narcotics officers including eight
5:46 am
yesterday. video was released showing officers conducting what might be illegal searches. they are also accused of falsifying police reports. the fbi is helping in that investigation. and the district attorney says more cases could be in jeopardy. >> antioch has a plan to save money and keep its police officers. the city leaders agreed to labor concessions from the police officers union. starting in january, officers pay 3% of their salary toward retirement pension costs until january 2012. they currently pay nothing. the agreement saves the city almost $1 million. >> the coast guard is honoring a sailor who risked his life nearly 70 years ago. the late emlin tunnel going to be awarded a special medal for saving the lives of two men in world war ii. when his enlistment was ended the coast guard never finished processing the award for him. a ceremony will be later on this
5:47 am
morning. you'll see him in the football uniform because he would later go on to become the nfl's first african-american elected to the hall of fame. >> quite the hero. a local pitcher survivings a line drive hit to the head. today after certainly beating the odds he will be back for his first game since and will be showing off new protective gear. you may remember gunner sandberg, he will wear a helmet. it weighs 5 1/2 ounces and is designed for pitchers to be worn on top of their cap. he was hospitalized for two months after being hit in the head with a line drive hit by a metal bat. >> we want to check in with christina. good news on the weather front. >> if you are wanting to go and hit that bat, hit the ball with the bat, today is a great day.
5:48 am
we'll see rain, the pineapple express is lining up the storm systems. and rain chances go back in the mix as early as tomorrow. then a nice break for the first part of the weekend. all of next week is looking rainy. so you'll want to get outside and enjoy today if you can. high pressure firmly in control of our weather pattern for now. we don't have dense fog out there but we're watching for the possible formation of fog. and a little bit of fog. so take it easy. you don't want to go racing out the front door. we have a moisture rich atmosphere and light wind. the only thing preventing the fog is the cloud cover but we could lose it. 50 degrees in san francisco right now. this is where we're headed into the upper 60s and low 70s for today. 70 degrees in los gatos, 69 degrees in santa rosa, and 68 degrees in wine country today, napa looks like a beautiful day if you have an opportunity to head up to wine country.
5:49 am
today is going to be gorgeous. as we head through tomorrow the rain arrives late. sometime around 6:00 p.m. and friday a few early showers. friday evening, don't miss the giants on nbc at 6:05. then we spring forward. this is a tough time of year because not only do we lose an hour of sleep, we try to go to sleep when the sun is blazing through the windows at 7:00 p.m. back to you. >> you have summarized my problems. the sharkies have no time for rest after a thrilling night at the tank. they spend today gearing up for tomorrow's game against the canucks. another win last night, patrick marlow scoring in overtime to lead the sharks over the predators. >> the giants host the white sox today. good news, ryan vogelsong is looking good. he retired 11 mariners
5:50 am
yesterday, five of them went down swinging. >> 5:49. the the man accused of the shooting rampage in arizona is back in court. he faces new charges. >> with more grim forecasts as far as the future of california's economy. >> as you travel through the east bay, no major issues but i'll show you an east bay hot i'll show you how things develop. [ alarm blares ] [ female announcer ] important events can sneak up on you. oh, i am not ready. [ female announcer ] but in two weeks, you could feel ready. introducing yoplait light's two week tune up diet plan. you could lose 5 pounds in 2 weeks when you replace breakfast and lunch with a fruit, grain, and yoplait light. betsy bets. you haven't changed a bit. oh...neither have you... sean. well, yeah.
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5:53 am
about a road project in fremont. a meeting will take place later on this morning to talk about the impact that construction would have on the environment near niles canyon road. local groups say that the project will destroy hundreds of native trees and threatens habitats. caltrans says that the plan is to improve highway safety. >> speaking of the highways and the byways, let's check with mike. >> good morning. we'll take you out to the roads south of where you were talking. this is north mission boulevard. the on ramp to southbound 680, an accident there and sounds like one lane is blocked by an accident between a semi and acura. 680 through the area, moving southbound for that commute. and 880 southbound also heading through fremont, that commute no problem. we'll jump up to where there is slowing. highway 4, getting worse there t 19 at l street, this disabled vehicle that's clearing from the roadway. also reported around railroad avenue so that's not a great
5:54 am
spot. we'll track that. highway 4 passing 680 and 80 off the carquinez and the benicia bridges. over to the east shore freeway at the limit, 18 minutes down to the bay bridge and the toll plaza. a live look of the toll plaza. one of those still closed to the left so watch for those lights. the green are the ones open as you approach. and the golden gate bridge, they typically remove those at 5:00. no incidents since the report. i'll check with them to make sure there is nothing wrong at the golden gate bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 5:54. the man accused in the arizona shooting rampage that left six people de dead and injured will be arraigned today. jared loughner faces new charges in the shooting spree. the indictment charges him with murder in the death of judge john roll and 19 other victims either killed or injured in that
5:55 am
shooting. the new charges carry the possibility of the death penalty. >> the crew of the shuttle "discovery" is doing final checks this morning before they head home in a few hours. ♪ astronauts waking up to the sounds of gwyneth pal trou. it will land before 9:00 discovery will then be retired and endeavor will be rolled out in preparation for its april launch as that program slowly comes to an end. >> the guy that usually avoided the charlie sheen news is scott mcgrew. today you got something for us. >> i think i have this exclusively. charlie sheen may be canceling his own show. we heard from san francisco bay's you stream that mr. sheen is delivering his last web-based tv show. he calls this sheen's corner. now the company says there will be no more. though it's not totally clear
5:56 am
why. i checked the news wires and gossip sites. best i can figure out we have this exclusively. were this l.a. i would be proud of that. meanwhile, more serious news, the respected anderson forecast, which tries to predict the future of california business says it will be at least 2013 before double digit unemployment ends in our state. same forecast says businesses are not leaving california because of higher taxes. that's something businesses often threaten to do or claim they will do, while the forecast isn't political that is a nod to governor brown's plan to ask for extension of current taxes. the governor wants to ask voters to approve that extension but he has to get that passed in the legislature first, at least some sign that businesses would be okay with that. >> sounds good. i'm not okay with not getting invited to the royal wedding but it's understandable. we know who is now invited. but the question is, where will
5:57 am
everyone sit? prince william and kate middleton will tie the knot at westminster abbey on april 29 and that means the army of wedding planners at buckingh in palace need a seating chart. >> wonderful headaches, heada e headaches about people who haven't replied, which king comes before another. all of these have to be sorted out. huge and wonderful headaches. >> who would not reply. who would not go if invited? the city of london getting into the spirit. workers are busy cleaning up and bars offering special champagne toasts. and hotels are fully booked. >> probably a lot of people that are going to go because they aren't invited. >> going to try. >> we'll be right back.
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